About My Studio

During her studies in the field of Vocal Pedagogy at NYU, Elizabeth has had the opportunity to study and work with some of the top vocal pedagogues. Elizabeth is also a licensed music educator (grades K-12) in the fields of general music and choral studies and has experience teaching all levels from kindergarten students to high school seniors.

My Teaching Philosophy

It is my hope that students in my vocal studio discover their own true, individual voice by developing a vocal technique that is healthy, sustainable and comfortable.  Each voice is uniquely different which is why I focus my voice studio objectives on developing a process that helps each individual student achieve their goals!

I believe that it is a teacher’s responsibility to effectively educate and engage all students; to give them equal opportunities and chances to succeed in the classroom regardless of gender, race, religious beliefs, family situations/status or orientation.  To have the most positive effect on students, it is essential to look at each individual and meet them at their level to help each student make gains and reach their potential.

Instilling a sense of belonging, a positive attitude, a belief that everyone will experience success and a love of learning are the most essential truths to teaching.

It is my hope that students will gain a love and a thirst for lifelong learning, continually seeking knowledge about themselves, others, the world around them and the resulting interrelationships.  We will venture on this journey of learning through musical experiences including singing, listening, and creating musical ideas.

The steps in the vocal process include volition, respiration, phonation, resonation and articulation.  Musical goals essential to this process include establishing good breath support and intonation, finding the student’s authentic voice, establishing a focused tone, and eliminating vocal tension.  In addition to these goals, it is important to learn how to properly phrase passages of a song and to include study of the International Phonetic Alphabet.  While a strong technical foundation is essential to being a successful singer, an equally important component of singing is being able to effectively communicate one’s message or story.  While learning a piece of music, it is extremely important to establish a personal and meaningful connection with the piece. The level of expression and connection one has with a piece of music is ultimately the key to developing a high level of musicality.

Ready to Sing?

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